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Susan Scherman, Esq.


How to Negotiate Your Prenup

Listen to Susan Scherman, Esq. and Hello Prenup's Lauren Lavender discuss how to negotiate your future, past, or present prenuptial agreement.

Latest Blog Post

Addressing Power Imbalances In A Prenuptial Agreement 

Hear Susan Scherman, Esq's latest thoughts on the power imbalances often engrained in prenuptial agreements - and how to address them.


Meet Susan on LegalMatch

Get to know Susan Scherman, Esq's crucial work through her LegalMatch Attorney Profile, and hear how her background shaped her legal profile. 

Published Works 

Latest E-Book from HelloPrenup

Love reading? Enjoy Susan Scherman, Esq's latest publication, covering topics ranging from Trust Funds to how to Cultivate Empathy through Appropriate Boundaries. Click the photo to the left to download the chapter for free. 

Listen - Strategize - Resolve 

Courtesy of Lucy Lyon. Photo by Addison Doty.

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